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Welcome to Byron Bay Basketball

Because we LOVE this game!

Here's some basic information about basketball in Byron Bay. If you have any more detailed questions, feel free to ask on our Contacts PagePlease remember, we're all volunteers here and we're all trying to enjoy this great game.


Information below as of October 2022


Tuesdays at the Cavanbah Centre for 8-11 year olds and Thursdays at Byron Public School for 5-8 year olds

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Court 1: PSB Pool A Games 9am, 9.50
Court 1: Pool B Games 10.40, 11.30am
Court 2: PSB Pool D 3x3 (8-9yrs) 9.00 till 10.00am
Court 2: PSB Pool C 3x3 (10-12yrs) 10.00 till 11.30am
Court 2: PSG 3x3 10-11am

HIGH SCHOOL BOYS (Pool A, B, C, and D)

Court 1 & 2, HSB A & B 4.50, 5.40, 6.30pm

Court 1, HSB D 3x3 4.30 till 6.00pm
Court 2, HSB C - Games 4.50pm, 5.40pm


Court 1, HSG 4.50, 5.40pm
Court 2, 4pm-5.30pm Girls Dev Squad


Court 1, Mens 6.30, 7.20, 8.10pm
Court 2, Mens 7.20, 8.10pm


Court 2, Womens 5.4pm, 630pm

JPL & NEJL Reps Training

Rep Training 4.00-8.30pm
(See your coach for training times for your team)

For any further enquiries please go to: 

Junior competitions -
Senior competitions -
General enquiries -
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BBBA Covid Notificaition Protocol

Community sport has resumed and soon mask and check-in requirements will be lifted. Regrettably, however, we still have Covid in our community and will continue to do so. While we are all learning to live with it, we can still take some sensible precautions. 

Please pass on this guideline to all parents and players:

1) If a player experiences any symptoms, please stay home until you test positive or complete a quarantine regime. If you are a close contact of a positive case, please do the same.

2) If you do test positive and have played basketball in the last three days, please make yourself known to Fletcher Potanin, Juniors Director. As a courtesy we will advise all players and parents present on the night, where we can. Report your test via Service NSW and the Cavanbah Centre will be notified.

3) While we take precautions, we will have isolated incidents of asymptomatic Covid exposure - it is inevitable, just like at our schools. If we receive advice of a positive test at a Comp within 3 days of playing, we will advise everyone the date of the potential exposure. The names of people with positive tests will remain anonymous for privacy reasons. If you do receive notice of a potentially positive case at your game, please remain sensitive to any symptoms for 3 days and take a RAT test should you have any concerns. If you have symptoms, please stay home.

4) Most of our Juniors players will be taking two RAT tests per week at school, similarly many of our Seniors players at their place of work, so we should all be assured that if there is a case we can manage it responsibly.

Court Bookings for Private Team Trainings

Our indoor courts a tthe Cav are at premium. Games take precedence, then Representative Team trainings, and then with any extra available court time teams may make private court bookings for team trainings. All private trainings will be booked directly with the Cav (Go see them in person or call on 02 6685 5911 and speak with Tess preferably) and then all bookings will be approved by Fletcher Potanin of the BBBA to avoid scheduling conflicts. You'll pay your court fees direct to the Cav, but your booking will be put through as a BBBA booking so that your players will be covered by insurance. When you email the Cav, please be sure to email Fletcher Potanin by CC on on all booking requests. Again, Fletcher manages and approves all basketball bookings to ensure there are no overlaps with games or Rep teams and that the correct teams receive the correct bookings.

If there is no indoor cour availability, try booking an outdoor court instead. There's three courts out there and so plenty of avability. And apart from a few months of the year, you'll get a pretty good run outdoors without rain. Plus the Cav has recently installed lights so that you can train later into the evening during the winter months.


  1. Please remember to bring your own water bottle & towel - players pease wipe down all seats after your game

  2. Teams, please ask your players and spectators to leave the area tidy after use - rubbish in bins, lost property in lost property box in foyer etc.  The Cav has requested we return the venue to them in a respectfully tidy way please.

  3. No heels or black soled shoes on the courts - some very spefic black soled basketball shoes are allowed, they have special rubber, but not school shoes, generally! Makes a right mess!

  4. Referee Room - is for referees and officials only please. First Aid can be sought here by Court Controllers or team Covid Marshalls

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Thank you for your cooperation and involvement in Byron Bay Basketball .... because we LOVE this game!

Please remember, we're all volunteers here and we're all trying to have fun with this great game.