Important information for new and returning parents and players

We’re a community sport organisation, which means we’re all volunteers here. We’d love your help to make our player and parent experience a positive one, and we all have a role to play.

Pre-season Musters and Registration

  • At the start of each season, we hold 2 x weeks of casual musters to assist in sorting and grading of teams, with a goal of friends playing together and having as competitive a competition as possible.
  • Following musters, registration fees are due (annual BNSW & BBBA where applicable) and Season Game Fees. A breakdown of fees can be found here.
  • If a player is completely new to BNSW, they may be eligible for a free 2 week trial. Email for more information
  • We are an accredited active kids provider, so these can be applied at checkout.

Once Registered...

  • Join your team’s WhatsApp group for communication  throughout the season (see your Coach or Team Manager for details)
  • Visit our draw, ladder and results page for game details, statistics and more, or download the ‘gameday app’
  • Join our Facebook main page and Juniors page for the latest updates and news. In addition to our WhatsApp groups, these are our primary methods of communication

Parental Responsibilities

Parents are asked to contribute to their child’s involvement in the following ways. This will vary slightly depending if your child is in a team or in the skills and development sessions.

  • Nominate a parent to be the Team Manager.
  • Nominate a coach and organise training within the parent group. Find out more about coaching here
  • It is a requirement that each team provides a responsible adult on site at each game for bench duty. We use courtside for scoring, and highly recommend watching this playlist for details on how to use this very intuitive system
  • This spotify podcast is a wonderful resource for all parents to listen to on how best to support your child, their team, coach and club – please spend some time over a cuppa and have a listen

Cavanbah Centre Information


  • Remember to bring your own water bottle & towel. Wipe down seats after your game.
  • Write your name on all basketballs and clothing items.
  • Leave the area tidy after use – rubbish in bins, lost property in lost property box in foyer etc. This applies to players and spectators.
  • We have a duty to return the venue to them in a respectful and tidy way.
  • No heels, footy boots or black soled shoes on the courts – some very specific black soled basketball shoes are allowed, they have special rubber, but generally not school shoes.
  • The Referee Room – is for referees and officials only. First Aid can be sought here by Court Controllers.

Court Bookings for Private Trainings...

Indoor court times a the Cavanbah are at premium.

Games take precedence, then Representative Team trainings, and then with any extra available court time teams may make private court bookings for team trainings.

All private trainings will be booked directly with the Cav (see them in person or call on 02 6685 5911) and then all bookings will be approved by BBBA to avoid scheduling conflicts.

You’ll pay your court fees direct to the Cav, but your booking will be put through as a BBBA booking so that your players will be covered by insurance. When you email the Cav, please be sure to CC in on all booking requests.

If there is no indoor court availability, try booking an outdoor court instead. There’s three newly resurfaced courts out there and so plenty of availability. And apart from a few months of the year, you’ll get a pretty good run outdoors without rain. The Cavanbah has installed lights so that you can train later into the evening during the winter months.

Injuries and Incidents

  • Online injury reporting form that can be completed by either the injured person, a witness, or a representative of the association.
    In terms of lodging a claim form, it is up to the individual to start this process, and the personal accident claim form can be accessed from this page on V-insurance website here.
  • Find our zero rage policy here